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Hi, I'm Valentino Vitali and I'm a musician.

My life is divided into three main tasks: creating music, playing live and teaching people how to play the drums.

These three activities have all the same goal: to create bonds, to connect. Composing, arranging and recording music helps me stay connected to my creative self; playing live gigs allow me to bond with the audience through the connection between the musicians I'm playing with, and teaching allow me to connect with students to convey all the beautiful things music has always given me.

During my musical journey, that's still in progress, I had the pleasure and the honour to learn the arts and crafts from the gratest teachers: I studied jazz, funk and latin drums with Alex Battini first, and Giovanni Giorgi later on, timbales and latin music with Roicel Riveron, west-african percussions with Seydou Dao, piano and harmony with Fabrizio Brezzo.

Since 2013 I've taught how to play the drums to over a hundred students in several music schools in Milano, either as a Yamaha Music Foundation teacher and examiner, and as a freelance teacher.

Between 2019 and 2021 I worked as transcriber and translator with Giovanni Giorgi, for the creation of his own courses. More in detail, I worked on "Hands Workout", "Grooves and patterns", "Next level drumming" and "The Rhythm section for drums and bass", available both online and printed - find more info here. 

In 2020 I helped Tommaso Sansonetti transcribing some drums courses for the online school "Vibly"

During the fall of 2020 I launched my brand new Studio 809, my tiny home studio where I finally have all the tools needed to carry on all my activities on my own and with a high quality standard.

My knowledge on sound engineering comes from my attendance at Politecnico di Milano, where I took a Bachelor degree in Automation and Control Engineering. After the Bachelor, I attended lots of exams from the Master's courses on Sound and Music Engineering (PoliMi and Conservatorio di Como), some of them being Mix and Mastering, Acoustics, Psychoacoustic, Electronics and Electroacoustics for sound engineering, Signal processing, Computer Music and Sound analysis, synthesis and processing.



I currently play with:

Those2 and I

Zurawski Band

Luis Landrini


Throughout the years I've played in lots of bands, mainly cover bands, as official member or as temporary sub. This high number of collaborations allowed me to learn what it takes to be a live musician and extended by a great deal my knowledge of music and styles, largely contributing to my musical growth.

Bands I worked with: Les Amis D'Afrique, Fields of Joy gospel, Grupo Rambay, Tribal Sound, SetteSotto, The Defenders, Ax-Men, Noumeno, The Richardsons, SantanaPatia, Soul Sugar, 4Mix, Onasty Groove.

Artists I played with: Alberto Steri, Davide Carbone, Claudio Steri, Andrea Zurawski, Matteo Zurawski, Bruno Zucchetti, Giovanni Risitano, Max Zaccaro, Giovanni Ghioldi, Rosita, Silversnake Michelle, Alice Di Vito, Dan Logoluso, Ezio Zingrini.

In 2014 I recorded the album “Her Snakeness” at Massive Arts Studios in Milan, second work of Silversnake Michelle, which shows great prog rock vibes.

Between 2018 and 2020 I recorded and produced “Groovaround” and "Chages" by SATOMI trio, a contemporary jazz work with latin and fusion contamination, born from a long-time cooperation with bass player Mattia Palagi and guitar player Simone Lobina.

Furthermore, between July and September he took part in the recording of two songs with the latin orchestra Milando Latin Band at SAE Studios in Milan and in the realization of four fusion original songs by the guitar player Alberto Steri, all recorded and filmed at PFL Studio by Federico Provini.


For private lessons online or at my Studio, recording and mixing of tunes, arrangements, transcriptions or for any other work related inquiry, please send me an email at

Otherwise, connect with me on social media, best is on Instagram.
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Here is also a list of my bands and schools where I currently work.

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