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Drums lessons

For those who prefer a private space, cured and set up with professional instrumentation, and a one to one relationship with the teacher, or for those who are too far away and need online lessons.

The spots as private students are limited: contact me to secure yours!

Drums tracking

For singers and musicians who want to add to their music the liveliness of a real drum set, recorded with professional quality, but who can't afford booking a studio, this is the best solution.

In my home studio all is set up and ready to go for recording, all you need to do is sending me you pre-productions or recordings and you'll get my drums into your next single or album!

Find out more on the instrumentation available

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Produzione e arrangiamento

For those who need playback tracks to enhance the live performance of their band or for those who need help with producing an arranging their own music.

For any idea you have, just ask and I'll tell you right away if what you need belongs to my fields of expertise and I can be of any help to you.

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