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Already one of my students? Click here and access the private area! 

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Beginners' courses


Beginners' courses are meant for anyone who'd like to learn how to play the drums.

During the classes, you'll deal with all the fundamental topics to understand the instrument and move your first steps.

In this phase it's crucial to have a classroom equipped with two drum sets, one for the student and one for the teacher, to make sure that the pupil is comfortable in learning the motions, the sounds and the rhythm.

This is the reason why I only hold beginners' courses in the private schools and not in my private studio. I invite you to book a trial lesson at the nearest school to meet me and fully understand how classes are structured.

Trial lessons are highly recommended for children under the age of 10.


Intermediate and advanced


Intermediate and advanced courses are meant for those who want to explore the most complex aspects of drums and music.


The control of the dynamics, the comprehension of sound, the detailed study of styles such as funk, jazz e latin, the study and the integration of advanced techniques, the in-depth study of rudiments and their application are some of the topics that will be covered into these courses. 

The ideal place for these type of lessons is my private studio, where it'll be possible to practice on high-end instrumentation, that allows for the comprehension of all the most advanced details and aspects of drums, with flexible time scheduling and with the chance of getting into the world of drums recording.

I also have the possibility of following a limited number of online students, contact me to know when and how.

Intermedi e avanzati


Who can access the student area?

The access to the student area is granted only to thos people who are enrolled to either one of my private courses or to a music school where I teach. To get more info about my teaching activity, please refer to the website section bio&info.

What's in the student area?

In the student area you can find and download the PDF files of all the teaching material that I wrote myself: solfege, coordination, groove, fill and scores, all of this just one click away from your hard-drive!
Note: the teaching material available for the download is entirely original, you won't find any PDF of books written by other musicians and teachers, just few suggestions and external links to buy those books that in my opinion are the best. Support musicians!

Can I be granted access even if I'm not one of your students?

Not right now. Anyway, by 2021 I'll be launching a bran new online shop on this website, where you'll be able to buy some of my teaching material, even if you're not enrolled to my courses! 

I'm a student and I lost my password, what now?

Just text me or send me an e-mail, now! Don't come to the next class using this as an excuse for not studying: that will not be accepted!
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